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Candy dish and bolt action pens


For my latest bowl I used ash wood and played around with a UFO shape. the size and design remind me of a candy bowl so that’s how I decided to present it. As it is the week before Christmas at the time of writing, I’m guessing this will be the last bowl of 2019. It is still available for purchase should anyone be interested… the m&m’s are already gone I’m afraid.

As for the pens I’ve wanted to make some bolt action types, but until recently I could only find ones with a bullet shaped tip. As I’m not a hunter, these didn’t speak to me so I waited until more kits were available.

This year I created my first epoxy resin blanks, casting in some pine cones. I know it’s all the rage at the moment so I didn’t make a lot of them. However I was really interested in the techniques and possibilities of resin. A few of the blanks I gave away to fellow pen turners, but I kept one and used it for one of the bolt action pens. The red one was made with Padouk and the last one was made using walnut.


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