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Woodcarving: princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen

At the beginning of this school year I had to choose another woodcarving project. I decided to make something for my five year old niece. Since she is completely hooked, as all young children seem to be, on Disney’s Frozen I decided to make something related to that.

After googling for Frozen, the majority of the images seemed to be from the Elsa character. Since all little girls love princesses the choice was easily made.

I finished this relief carving just in time for it to be delivered by ‘Sinterklaas’ who brought it at December 6th. For those of you that don’t have a clue who this is, think of him as a dutch Santa clause.

Anyway, from that date calculating backwards I came up with about 20 hours of work on this piece. that includes deciding which character to make, printing out the design in different sizes and choosing a nice piece of wood to make it in.

I got a piece of mahogany and the picture almost filled an A4 sized piece of paper. after many hours of carving the hard wood it was finally time to finish it with linseed oil and gold powder for the details.

During the carving process I often wished I had choses another type wood, since mahogany is very hard and prone to splitting. But in the end I’m glad I stuck by the piece as the wood has a beautiful texture once finished.

Needles to say, my niece loved it. And as she opened it screaming: ‘look it’s princess Elsa from Frozen!’ my fear that the likeness was terrible were laid to rest.

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