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the Turtle, the Rocket and the Click pen

I’ve fallen a bit behind on the blog front, so here are my three latest projects that I felt  were worthy to share with the world.

The fist is another pen with some leftover of the roller-ball/fountain pen project. It’s a full length pen with a click mechanism (my first) and I used olive wood with a deer antler accent at the top.

I’ll admit I added the deer antler to correct a mistake, but I think it really matches this pen. The piece of olive wood is just stunning and all in all it was a well received gift. 

The next project was meant to be a start for a mobile. Sadly I grossly underestimated the time it would take to make 4 elements so I didn’t get to complete it. And so I’m left with a small wooden turtle, that could perhaps become a toy one day. I have a few of these types of small / unfinished projects that end up in a big glass vase on the coffee table. at least it’s a nice conversation piece.

The final project is another woodturning one. It may look like a toy rocket but it’s not. I work in IT and all our teams have a name. Mine is “team Rocket” hence this little work piece. It’s made from mahogany and maple with brass inlay “windows”.

In case you would like to try your hand at pen turning, there’s a basic list of tools that I use at the bottom of this post.

To do some wood carving you will need some carving chisels and  a mallet. I turned my own mallet since I have a lathe, but you can easily make one without a lathe. Use a hardwood like beech or maple. another option is to buy one made from brass. this will be a lot more compact since it’s a heavier material. You can buy a full set of carving gouges, but they are quite costly. I would start with only a few and buy what you need as you work on projects. Pfeil and flexcut are my preferred brands, this is not sponsored by the way, top quality tools that last a very long time and are easy to resharpen when needed.

until the next time, when I’ve created even more sawdust…


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