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Knives, beer crates and pens

It’s been a while since I posted some projects, so here are the latest ones.

Knife handle replacements
An aunt asked me to fix a few broken knives. The blades were still perfect, but the epoxy (or resin?) handles broke. I decided to give them a unique look by using 3 different kinds of wood. These are walnut, xylia and marupa.



Beer crates
The second project was for a collegue that recently started home brewing beer.
He wanted 100 small crates for 6 bottles. these are made from resawn pine and then stained.
The beers were belgian style double, triple and quadruple and extremely tasty.
So as a bonus, one of the crates was returned to me, filled with 2 bottles of each.


Birthday gift pens
These three pens were birthday gifts for 3 people turning 40. Made with walnut, xylia and a mystery wood I found hiking on vacation. They were engraved with a laser. In hindsight I should have focussed the laser more.

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