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bowls, birds and ornaments

As I was rounding of the year I started organizing my photos and realized I hadn’t shared some bowls I created this year.

These three bowls were quite popular. the laminated wenge and oak bowl was a gift for my mother, since the oak came from and old dining table of hers. the elm bowl was claimed by my wife and the spalted beech bowl was sold.

As I mentioned before 2019 was the year I dipped my toes in the craft/art market scene. We finished the year with a Christmas themed market, so I made a bunch of ornaments. Sadly I was in a rush to get them finished that I didn’t take many pictures of the finished items. I still have some left, so I might do that next year.

Most of the are made of pine, some painted and decorated with gold/silver leaf. A number of people asked if these were available as key chains, so that’s another item to add on the list for next year. This would actually be perfect as I could make 1 item and sell them as key chains or ornaments depending on the season.

Another popular item was the segmented birds, so I made a bunch of them and sold all but one. So these are another must have for any future markets I go to.

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