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A year in review – 2017

I think I finally found a nice way to take pictures of my work. I bought a mini photo studio and I’m playing around with the setup and camera settings.
here’s a roundup of some projects from 2017. Some of them were already posted earlier though.

These are some of my latest pens. An oak “Panache” style pen, a walnut “chairman” rollerball and a segmented “slimline”.
The slimline was made from lignum vitae and marupa (I think) with aluminium spacers. You might notice some white spots, this is due to the CA finish.
this was a pratice pen, both for the segmentation and the CA glue finish.

Here are some mushrooms made from a few funky pieces of firewood. I’m moving away from the “clean” wood blanks for these. I found that the knots and other imperfections result in a lot more interesting finished mushrooms.

Finally here are some decorations for christmass and a few new pictures of the limewood turtle I made.

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