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A year in review – 2019

As the year is nearing the end it’s time to look back and reflect. 2019 was a productive year. I made about 8 bowls, 9 segmented birds, 2 bottle stoppers, 2 dozen pens and Christmas ornaments, a handful of snowmen, trees and mushrooms and 1 light up maleficent staff.

At the beginning of the year I wanted to hone my skills, making one bowl per month and perhaps try selling at a market. I found a few colleagues from my woodcarving class to join me and at the end of the year we were present at 4 markets. This was another push in the back to make more (and more diverse) things as I didn’t want to be the one with the least amount of work. The friendly rivalry really helped me to push myself.

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State of the inventory

As I was taking pictures of the inventory I took to the craft market, I realized a number of the items weren’t shown on this blog so far.

I guess I was too busy making them and forgot about sharing.

As sharing is caring I’ll add a few image galleries of the items for sale on my etsy. The first one shows the bowls I have in stock.

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Segmented pens

I’m really enjoying working on segmented pens lately. They provide that something extra that really makes the pen stand out.

I’ve finished two of these lately one with oak and wengé used in a straight and one which started life as an olive wood blank and was cut at a 45° miter for some accent segments.

the hardest part about this is selecting the wood species with regards to grain density. For instance the oak has a pretty coarse grain and the wengé a very fine grain.

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With a bit of panache

This was my first pen using a panache pen kit. I have been wanting to make one for some time and I finally found a reseller of the kits.

It’s made from oak with a CA glue finish and I just love the feel of this pen.
It has a bit more weight to it, but it’s very comfortable to hold.

Since it has large flat ends it can stand upright on either end.
In fact since there is no clip it’s easiest to stand it on end or it might roll away.

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A farewell gift box

As a farewell gift to a colleague a few of us bought a nice bottle of whiskey (or so I’m told).
Now since these bottles aren’t exactly cheap the packaging is quite nice, but nothing is quite as nice as a custom wooden box.
So I made one. the box itself is made from Marupa and Cambara and originally had a lid of the same materials with some nice inlay action.
Sadly I based my measurements of the website we ordered from and they turned out wrong.
So I had to remove the lid and make a new one. I had just bought some beautiful dark Wengé wood, so this would be a nice first project with it.

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handmade wooden puzzles

I always liked brain teasers and puzzles. Not the jigsaw kind, but the 3d metal or wooden ones. Metal puzzles are great, but wooden puzzles are not more than great fun, they are beautiful to look at… provided you can put them back together.

After buying a few and searching the web for some nice display pieces I decided to try and make a few. The goal is to take them apart, but in case of the ‘star’ more challenging is to reassemble them.

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