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A beginner’s guide to pen making – part 2

Pen turning tools

Like I mentioned in the overview, there are many tools for pen turners. Some are optional, but useful, others are needed. let’s start with the basic tools first. Obviously I’ll assume you are using a lathe as this is a tutorial series for beginning pen turners. Any lathe will do and if you aren’t sure what to get I suggest starting with a mini (second hand) lathe. once you know what type of projects you enjoy making, you can upgrade it. this is true for several other tools and equipment as well. you’ll see in the pictures that I’ve started with a cheap set of turning tools and upgraded the ones I used most often. The same goes for the safety equipment, you can start with a full face mask and a throw away dust mask. But do start with a full face shield! Safety glasses are not enough!

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Engraved rollerball and fountain pens

A former colleague of mine spotted my pens and wanted 30 chairman style pens to give to clients and personnel. Most of these pens were chrome plated roller balls, but I also made a few gold plated ones. I’m not a big fan of fountain pens as my handwriting looks a lot like chicken scratches but I have to admit these kits look amazing.
I used olive wood for most of the pens and wengé and some hardwood for the personal pens. These last ones were not only engraved with the company logo, but also with a name. As an extra twist the engraving was filled with metal powder in a color matching the pen kit.

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