Makita DHP453Z 18V Body Only LXT Li-Ion

55,00 incl. tax

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  • 22 minute charge time with the air cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System.
  • Conveniently located push button for forward and reverse.
  • High comfort grips.
  • Two speed gear box.
  • Metal gears

This drill is truely one of the best purchases I have ever made. I use it almost every time I get into the workshop and on many occasions outside it as well. The 18V system is perfect, with the quickcharger and 2 batteries you’ll never be without a drill again. The second battery will be charged long before the first one is flat.

I’ve linked to version without a battery as the body is very affordable. The batteries can be quite expensive, but do go on sale every now and then. So if you’re on a budget you can get a single battery to start with and buy more later.