Makita 2XBL1850DC18RC 2XBL1850 18v Li-ion 5.0Ah Battery Twin Pack & DC18RC Charger Kit, 18 V, Black

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Makita BL1850 Genuine 18v Li-ion 5.0Ah Battery Twin Pack & DC18RC Charger Kit Features Makita Genuine DC18RC Charger for use with 14.4v and 18.0v Batteries 5 different musical tones alert you when your battery is fully charged Makita BL1850: Foam cell technology Slide on battery – firm holding with multi contacts and shock absorbing pack, will not puncture and remains cool even in heavy use Unbeatable 36 minute charge time Same weight and size as 3Ah or 4Ah battery Works with your current Li-ion Chargers Longer run time and battery life Comes With: 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries BL1850 1 x Charger DC18RC Product Specifications Makita Genuine DC18RC Battery Type: Lithium Ion/LI-Ion Amp Hours: 1.3-3.3 Ah Charge Time: 22 min Force Air Cooling: Yes Makita BL1850: Battery Ah: 5.0 Ah Battery Type: Li-ion

I’ve linked the quick charger with double 5A, 18V batteries as that is the set that I have and love. If you are on a budget you can get 3A batteries as well that are cheaper and get the charger separate. The charger will work with both types of 18V batteries, so you can get a battery of 3A to start with and buy a 5A battery later on. Same as with the 5A batteries, when you’re charging one and using one, the charging will be complete before the one in use is empty.

I started off with the 3A batteries myself, but quickly bought a few 5A batteries when I bought the makita 36V chainsaw. I use the same batteries in both.