Crown Tools 230PM 3/4 Inch 19mm ‘Pro-PM’ Roughing Out Gouge

109,38 incl. tax

This 3/4-Inch Powder Metallurgy Roughing Out Gouge is exclusive new range of ‘Elite’ Pro-PM turning chisels. Made from an advanced Powder Metal, the molten steel has been compressed and sintered, giving the tool a cutting edge which lasts up to four or five times that of a conventional S390 High Speed Steel tool. The chisel is hardened to between 66-Degrees and 68-Degrees Rockwell, enabling the tool to have a vastly superior wear resistance, excellent grind-ability, superior toughness, a high working hardness and a high retention of hardness. The ergonomically designed stained black ash handle fitted to this tool makes the finished chisel unbeatable. 12-1/2-Inch 317-mm Black Ash Handle. Specifications:, Overall Length: 19″, Handle Length: 12-1/2″, Blade Length: 6-1/2″, Size: 3/4″


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